Elena Guzmán

Elena Guzmán aka L
Producer & Game Designer
“Eres disfuncional, mereces ser destruido”
A game: BioShock
A movie: Fight Club
Good at… Selling. Anything
Bad at… Basic hand-eye coordination
A food: Pizza lover


Álvaro Abad aka Coke
Game Programmer
“The Omnissiah directs our footsteps along the path of knowledge”
A game: The Witcher (saga), Borderlands (saga)
A movie: Can’t choose one
Good at… Finding comfort in the weirdest positions
Bad at… Finding comfort in the correct positions
A food: The first things to be avoided if you want a healthy live


Beatriz Arévalo
Game Artist
“Quiero ser normal, pero me aburro enseguida”
A game: The Witcher III
A movie: The Lord of the Rings
Good at… Telling the truth
Bad at… Telling the truth
A food: “Chiquilín” chocolate bears


Javier González
3D Animator
“las grandes historias tienen comienzos pequeños”
A game: Donkey kong country (soy de otra generación, jejeje), Last of us
Uncharted (saga), The legend of zelda (saga), Just Cause 2
The division, DMC, Muchos…
A movie: Regreso al futuro, Interstellar, Toy story, Big hero 6, El gigante de hierro, El principe de egipto
Good at… comer comida basura
Bad at… En todo lo demás
A food: Barbacoa & Piscina

Guillermo Padrón
QA Tester
“My Disney princess is Taco Bell”
A game: World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Just Cause 3, Super Smash Bros.
A movie: Mad Max: Fury Road
Good at… Remembering faces
Bad at… Parking
A food: Tacos!

Eduardo Díaz
Game Programmer
“¡Esto está OP!”
A game: Mass Effect (saga)
A movie: Conan the Barbarian
Good at… Being a muchking
Bad at… Playing soccer
A food: Too many tasty food to decide


Patricia Liébana
Character Artist
“I just try to live everyday as if I have deliberately come back to this one day,to enjoy it as if it was the full,final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life”

A game: Dishonored
A movie: About Time
Good at… Eating… All the time
Bad at… Holding someone’s gaze
A food: Just one?!

Anabel Velázquez
3D Animator
“Frame after frame”
A game: Crash Bandicoot
A movie: Kung Fu Panda, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph
Good at… Detecting fluffy dogs on the street
Bad at… Orientation
A food: Chocolate, Carbonara pasta

Roberto Padrón aka Robe
Game Designer & Level Designer
“Just chill bro”
A game: Kingdom Hearts (saga), Metal Gear Solid (saga), Shadow of the Colossus
A movie: The Godfather
Good at… Chilling
Bad at… Horror movies and video games
A food: Pasta



Hermes Muñoz
Game Programmer
“¡Venga, a cascarla!”
A game: Kingdom Hearts (saga), The Legend of Zelda (saga)
A movie: Princess Mononoke
Good at… Eating
Bad at… Plugging USB sticks in at the first attempt
A food: Carbonara pizza

Julián Rincón
Game Artist
“Sexcuse me”
A game: Bomberman
A movie: Whiplash
Good at… Sleeping. Anywhere
Bad at… Wearing non-low-cut shirts
A food: Lassagna

Adrián Sánchez
Concept & Key Artist
“Seek progress, not perfection”
A game: Diablo
A movie: Blade Runner
Good at… Details
Bad at… Names
A food: Pizza